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So I take a couple days off from work and what do I get....

Wend I get to stay late at work fixing a server. Thurs was to be the first day I had scheduled off, but I get called in and asked to sit in on a meeting that the organizer thinks it would be helpful to go to.... Not...

But, at least I got to meet B for lunch with one of her friends, and some time at the mall...

while that going on, there was more fencing going on in the yard...

I also installed lighted post caps on the back stairs

Followed by B going off to her sleep study...

Today I got to go to the dentist and spend way too much money finally getting half the work done on my front teeth...

After getting back from that B and I were going to run some errands. I got some car work done before getting us ready to head out for the long weekend only to discover I had picked up a nail in one of the tires.... but as with my luck it didn't just go in... it was a long nail that went in and came out through the sidewall by about 2 inches... SO, I call the dealer and they've sent their people home for the day, but recommend a shop nearby with free flat repair. Unfortunately since it went through the sidewall they can't fix it, and don't have the right tires in stock. So it'll be back to the dealer in the morning before they close at noon...
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It's spring and the yard work has commenced.

So this years big projects have been that we have a new deck built to go under the gazeebo from last year.

Click on the image for a larger, or this link for more pctures.

B also picked up new furniture at the last flower show, unfortunately they were not sealed as well as the vendor led us to believe, so the pictures here are mostly close ups we're sending them to get them to come out and repair it...

Lastly B mentioned the work she did redoing one of the garden beds... You can also see where the new stairs are going in to the porch..


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