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I really should find a good cross posting method. I like too many of LJ's functions to entirely give it up, and I do have one of the early adopter & permanent accounts...
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But I ran across these and had to share the pain. I'm almost sorry to do this to my Star Wars loving friends , but what you’re about to see if you follow the link is one of the most WTF things I’ve ever seen. Darth Vader getting a weird Disco grove on with 3-PO... (and the SFX are almost Shatner-esque)...

and the even longer full 15min version of the music with animated dancers...

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Rupert Murdoch survives a pie attack, while apologizing for the phones his papers did hack. I doubt anyone really believes him, because he is so full of
shaving cream. Be nice and clean. Shave every day and you'll nearly be keen.
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This is a mail post to LJ test (also with JPG attachment)

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Have gotten 3/4 of the house painted, and bought B a new computer. So I finally have her old iMac cleared off & the HD reformatted & OS re-installed. Posting here if anyone is interested in buying a used 24" iMac 2.16GHz Dual Core CPU w/4Gb RAM & 256Gb HD. They go for about $700 on-line So I'd like to get $500.
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So I mentioned there was a server problem at work...
The server external HD array at work has been having problems all week, and the dept has grown to the point where they can't take this much down time... Time to look at failover solutions.

That is an area that is starting to get outside my current experience. So could any techies share some ideas, or caveats.

Cut here for the Non-Techies jargon sanity... )
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Haven't updated in a while. It's been a bit busy 'round here...
So... Besides the server crapping out at work last week, this past week has included painters coming to the house every morning at 7:30AM scraping the old chipping paint, and then starting in on Painting. Briony choose the colors.

Unfortunately the paint turned out to be a few shade lighter than the sample she had wanted (but which coincidentally matched the old color of the house if it had been power-washed. Which at least was one she liked.) Then this weekend the accent color she wanted became a mixup when the pain shop tried to match the color and the finished sample turned out to be a whole quart instead of the smaller sample she had asked for in addition the shop mixed it as an interior paint by mistake. Up high in the shadow the mixed up color works, but not down low where you can see it.

This was followed by the problems with Home Depot telling us that they had the same composite decking we had used previously for our back stairs and gazebo deck available and in stock at the store, but then telling the contractor when he arrived that they had to special order it. Which he did, but then when they delivered the order it was the wrong color (darker by a few shades). The delivery guy was able to tell us that was the only shade they had as the company no longer made the shade we asked for (even though it is still listed on both the composite companies and HD's web sites, and it was what the contractor had selected from the in store sample book.

But to top off this cake of home repair the freezer part of our fridge has stared leaking and freezing the water in the bottom, also spilling on the floor. We looked around at several appliance places, and finally found a fridge that would fit the space we have (Old one is built in to the cabinets) Only to have it arrive damaged in shipping, so that we had to refuse delivery. Fortunately (or so we thought at the time) we had seen the same model at Sears only to go there and find out it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and even though their system said they had 3 in stock none could be found, and they couldn't sell the display model because Corp hadn't marked that one yet... (I'm not sure we actually would have wanted it, as the door gasket had been pulled out of place in the store, so the doors didn't close right) Every other model we have found will require the cabinetry to be either removed or at minimum altered)...

At this point I think we have found one that will fit with just a minor alterations to the existing cabinets by only 1/2 inch. but first we'll have to have a contractor look at what we want and see it it will actually work, and then we have to see if This fridge will actually be in stock. For some reason we're not feeling all that trusting right now...
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Oh this reminds me of that old story about the old DEC drive array being made to "walk" on Halloween behind the night operators back... :-)
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Dear Westboro Baptist Church,
Pres Obama has graciously provided a funeral that you can protest. It's in Pakistan. We'll help you pack!
The rest of the country...

What next?

May. 1st, 2011 11:35 pm
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Let's soak OBL body in plasticizing chemicals, a la the Bodies Exhibit, then encase his plasticized remains in a block of clear resin with a ham sandwich in one hand and a playboy in his other and set him in the Smithsonian permanently facing away from mecca. Oh and a big missile rammed up his backside to be used as a stand.
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Now lets hope he doesn't just become a martyr.
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Those who use violence and threats of violence have already let the terrorists win!!!


Nov. 1st, 2010 11:05 pm
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Even if the Democrats haven't gotten enough done or gotten it done fast enough for all of us. It still matters that we all get out there and vote tomorrow. If you think someone new will help move us forward that's great too, but remember that the policies of the past HAVEN'T worked so let's keep moving forward.

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Last nights Keith Olbermann "Special Comment" is well worth the nearly 20 minutes. Between this and John Stewart's Presidential interview. Lets get everyone out there to vote next week & keep out the crazies...

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Woke up late today to the contractors finishing up the new chimney, get down stairs to go to work and the car dies. WTF! I just had the tires and brakes done, now the thing starts up until I engage the transmission and then the engine shuts down with a warning "Stop Safely Now!" Argg!!! This after the return from NYC hell.

Well FRAK... I just saw that the stupid syfy channel has canceled "Caprica"... ( I wish they would get their heads out of their wrestling arses... They were so much better when they actually had SCI FI ) They're canceling it after doing the crappy 1/2 season shit shift around in favor of another prequel that is supposed to be more action packed/war drama.
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There's Geek & Gamer Girls over at Break.com:

Comic-Con Girls Parody:

and a Minisota Girls one, It's not quite as funny, but worth a quick watch:


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