Last night

Sep. 27th, 2001 10:29 am
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Was WAY too long.....

First I was stuck at work writting a proposal for a project that the team doesn't have the complete knowledge or at this point the man power to complete, and that ran late so I was late getting the the Arisia Meeting.

When I do finally get there of course all the easy parking is gone so its off the the garrage.

I get inside and find out they've decided to "change" so of the floor and room allocations we have used for years in that hotel. So I had to point out WHY that was a bad idea since the rooms they are now going to use are smaller than the ones we'd used in the past. So well have to add another room to the list. Oh well it's not my problem this year I just get to point them out to the other people. :-/

Then they get to set up the projection system for watching Enterprise. I should have know better, but there was of course some last minute glitches 'cause they had not used this setup before. (they were unpacking some of it for the first time.)

B showed up to watch the premiere, after running some of her errands. :-)

So the reception inside the Park Plaza was less than optimum. Oh well Thankfully A was at home taping it.

Then off to ManRay. It was great seeing everyone who was out last night, and to be out with both A and B. But with us all grabbing a slice of pizza, chatting in the parking lot, and driving a friend of A's home I didn't get to bed untill 3, and to make matters worse It was garbadge pick-up this morning..... (I NEED more coffee.....)
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I'm sitting here in work after gaming today with everyone soo worried about the snow. and what do we have.....

A little slush....

Oh well from looking at the storm tracks it looks like they got some in the western parts of the state.

Well At least the game was fun. (Ok This sessions was a little too predictable for my tastes, but they all can't be winners)

Hmmm a little review of past events after my last post:

B saw my last post and brought some cold meds by my office on her way out shopping. :-) (btw - I'm startig to feel better for those who sent their wishes along)

Friday was a boring day at work, but I did manage to fix a couple of problems. A came down with whatever I have as well.

A and I were a little snippy with each other this morning. She's been putting in soo many weird hours at work, I think she needs to get away.

Arisia is just around the corner. (I need a break from that, next year If I do anything it will be at the con only. 4 years in a row is enough)

Next I think I'll be heading into pick A up from work. Still not sure what we're doing for NYE yet, A has to work till 6pm tommorow. :-(

But at least we both have Monday off.


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