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Where did it all go. Why is time flying by so fast right now. I feel like I'm missing something

I don't remeber what happened after work on friday. I know I did something.

Saturday A and I got up had a nice breakfast at a place around the corner (Ok ther guy who were working screwed up my order slightly, not enough to worry about, and I didn't really have time to ask them to fix it.)

Dropped A back off at te house. So she could make plans with a friend of hers, and I was off to my game.

It was little hard to get back into the right mind set at first since we'd all been off doing other things for soo long.

A showed up to let me know what her plans were. (Off to see a movie) I'd meet up with her and our friend after dinner, and we went out I was originally plannig on just apetisers, dinks and dessert, but got a hanberger at the last minute. so much for deseert.... :-)

Sunday was meet up with my sister and her family with A to go Apple picking. (hmmm It was an ok farm but I liked the one A and I went to Last year better. Now If I could only remember its name or where it was.) It didn't seem like this place had much of a selection of apples to choose from.

Oh well the day turned out to be hotter than we expected so we went home and crashed early ordered in and I sat reading the notes a friend has put together for his charater in the saturday game (Its a full 2" binder. Ok It's not as bad as he can get. Over the course of one of the other games he ened up with multiple binders.) But it made for a fun look at a different perspective. :-)

Went to bed with eye strain last night. Poor A couldn't sleep. I hope shes ok now.
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I'm sitting here in work after gaming today with everyone soo worried about the snow. and what do we have.....

A little slush....

Oh well from looking at the storm tracks it looks like they got some in the western parts of the state.

Well At least the game was fun. (Ok This sessions was a little too predictable for my tastes, but they all can't be winners)

Hmmm a little review of past events after my last post:

B saw my last post and brought some cold meds by my office on her way out shopping. :-) (btw - I'm startig to feel better for those who sent their wishes along)

Friday was a boring day at work, but I did manage to fix a couple of problems. A came down with whatever I have as well.

A and I were a little snippy with each other this morning. She's been putting in soo many weird hours at work, I think she needs to get away.

Arisia is just around the corner. (I need a break from that, next year If I do anything it will be at the con only. 4 years in a row is enough)

Next I think I'll be heading into pick A up from work. Still not sure what we're doing for NYE yet, A has to work till 6pm tommorow. :-(

But at least we both have Monday off.
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Ulg, Had to get up way too early this morning. (A had to be into work by 8:30am) So after dropping her off I ended up just comming into the office. (Why bother going back home since I have to be here by noon anyway. (Not for work at least) :-)

Why Am I in here on a weekend then, I'm part of a table top role playing game that I've been in in one form or another since 1987.

(yes we've been playing the basically the same game for almost 13 years) But in that time we've all changed characters a couple of time and swapped GM's 3 or 4 times.

(There were a couple of breaks in the middle, but we keep comming back for more of this) :-)

So I used the time to update the statistics sheet for my character.
Now all I need to do is decide what I want to have happen next..... When last we left our hero's they had just saved the life of the current incarnation of the goddess Athena, and along the way we also saved the (very young) incarnation of Aries (I don't know if I spelled that right, I mean the greek war god not the constellation) It gets confusing in game because we have both.

Well time to go get food and see what trouble we're in for this week.
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Well It's monday again. *Blarg.......* :-/

My head hurts. Maybe it's a reaction to the smoke I was inhaling last night, although I've never had that happen before. That or a combination of the various alcohols.... (even though it wasn't much by way of quantity) It's time to sit down and decide on another batch or two to make.

Ok now lets see, maybe a reverse order weekend in review:

Yesterday started with sleeping late :-)
Getting up to take A. for a eye exam. This made her happy. Her contacts have been bothering her. then we spent got lunch at, and went to look at the new mall. (It might be nice when they finish it, but damn there are soo many friggin malls now)
got home from that last night, and almost immeadiately went to a friends place with A. Her friends were trashed by the time we got there. They had started many hours beforehand. It was nice seeing them, but was pretty silly otherwise.

Sat: Drop A. off at work. I hope she's happy with new job but retail sucks this time of year. Went to my bi-weekly game. :-) Ok staring to get back into charaters head space [The GM had taken a month or off for something silly like getting married. :-) ] Pick A. up from work and went dinner and home.

Fri: Drop A. off at work. Spent a quiet morning at B.'s waiting for her to return. Tea and TV. :-) Went to lunch, came back, and just as we would start to get in the mood something would interupt us. Heh.... :-) Oh well life happens. Met B.'s ex, felt a little awkward, but he seems like a nice guy.

Thu: Ahh sleeping late.... :-) was just finishing showering when parental units called to see if we would be making it to Thanksgiving dinner. The whole gang was there, I'm glad sibling squabble is over.

Wed: Work was not good last week, I will hopefully find out more details today.... :-/ I hope job doesn't blow up from under me. Went out to the club. It was good to get out and for A. to get out, all it seems she's had the time or energy for is work. Found out a friend is moving (at this point has moved) to Las Vegas..... Wow well I wish him luck. A. had a chance to flirt a bit with someone else.


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