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Where did it all go. Why is time flying by so fast right now. I feel like I'm missing something

I don't remeber what happened after work on friday. I know I did something.

Saturday A and I got up had a nice breakfast at a place around the corner (Ok ther guy who were working screwed up my order slightly, not enough to worry about, and I didn't really have time to ask them to fix it.)

Dropped A back off at te house. So she could make plans with a friend of hers, and I was off to my game.

It was little hard to get back into the right mind set at first since we'd all been off doing other things for soo long.

A showed up to let me know what her plans were. (Off to see a movie) I'd meet up with her and our friend after dinner, and we went out I was originally plannig on just apetisers, dinks and dessert, but got a hanberger at the last minute. so much for deseert.... :-)

Sunday was meet up with my sister and her family with A to go Apple picking. (hmmm It was an ok farm but I liked the one A and I went to Last year better. Now If I could only remember its name or where it was.) It didn't seem like this place had much of a selection of apples to choose from.

Oh well the day turned out to be hotter than we expected so we went home and crashed early ordered in and I sat reading the notes a friend has put together for his charater in the saturday game (Its a full 2" binder. Ok It's not as bad as he can get. Over the course of one of the other games he ened up with multiple binders.) But it made for a fun look at a different perspective. :-)

Went to bed with eye strain last night. Poor A couldn't sleep. I hope shes ok now.
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{Begin Foghorn Leghorn Voice}
I say, I say, That's sarcasm boy......

Ok the holidays are over and it back to work.

Friday, Finished the last minute food shooping before the holiday after work and then got a chance to swing by and see B before she left for her trip to see friends and family. (She got us dinner, that was really nice.)

I went to pick up what I thought was going to be A ast present, but opps they sold out, and then no where else had it either. So I changed plans and got something else.

They changed A's schedule at the last minute and she had to work x-mas eve. (and when I went to pick her up, her boss and her were both running late trying to get everything done themselves. I hope they give A. a big raise for all the effort she's giving them.)

Woke up yesterday and gave A her presents, and she made cinamon rolls. It was a nice quiet day for the two of us.

Then it was off to dinner with my family (For all the teasing we gave her my sister did a wonderful job) :-)

And my niece had everyone just wrappped around her little finger with "Santa forgot my Barbie airplane" At least untill she started opening the other presents, then she forgot all about that. :-)

Over all it was a good weekend, but I wish it had been longer. I'm SOOO used to the automatic vacation form my last job. (They just gave us the extra week off every year, for the last 8 or so)

And then to start the day off bright. I found another wonderful lady has added me as a friend.


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